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2 Hour Delivery within Aurora and Newmarket. Good Quality. Low Prices. Fast Service!

As studies continue to uncover the medicinal properties of cannabis, we believe that fast, easy access of cannabis products is of utmost priority in Canada. We want to share our passion for marijuana and expert knowledge with our customers, to help find the right product for them.

At Fastkush.ca, we strongly believe that all Canadians over the age of 19 should have safe access to high quality, affordable medical cannabis. We strive to help all patients access top quality medicine. Our customers enjoy a great selection of Grade A marijuana, concentrates, and derivatives brought to you by some of the best BC producers.

Cannabis has been shown to treat neurological, mood/behaviour, gastro-intestinal, pain/sleep and various other disorders. At Fast Kush we do not believe in the overuse of prescription drugs or over-the-counter pills. Compassionately and discreetly, we reach out to a rapidly growing number of people who strongly believe in the positive effects of medical cannabis. We are a heart and soul on-line holistic clinic geared towards spreading happiness through good health.

We offer a discreet marijuana delivery service. Our undetectable and smell-proof packaging allows you to shop with us in complete confidence.

We deliver within 2 hours in the Newmarket and Aurora area in the hours of 11 am to 6pm (Monday-Sunday. Excluding Holidays).

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